TB International GmbH distributes 15 brands. With a customer base in excess of over 11,000 selling our textile products in worldwide. Our strength lies in our vertical production and stock service as well as our ability to ship within 24 hours.



Growth Champion. Focus Magazine made a ranking in cooperation with Statista of the fastest growing newcomer companies since 2011. The Top 500 was published in the magazine “FOCUS SPEZIAL”. The reason is sales growth of the past four financial years. We are very proud to achieve this honour again and looking forward to future challenges.


URBAN CLASSICS came into the world in 2005 and from that point on has been offering more than just a brand logo. Urban Classics has an almost endless variety of products. With our exciting range of T-Shirts, Hoodies, College-Jackets, Sweatpants, Shirts and Tanks we don’t offer any extravagant prints. Just an extensive up to the minute colour palette with interesting washes and colour blocking – this is the matchless style of Urban Classics. The focus is the one of a kind character – streetwear cuts that are never out of style. Urban Classics also offers matching accessories like Beanies, Scarves, Gloves, Belts, Gym-Bags and Sneaker-Socks. Click here for the Urban Classics B2B Online Store.

MISTER TEE is a Streetwear Label that focuses on creating Apparel with the latest visual trends at a unique quality – price ratio. Edgy products delight the MISTER TEE fan base regularly. With contemporary cuts and prints. Click here for the Mister Tee Online Catalog.


In autumn 2016 MERCHCODE was launched. MERCHCODE is our new brand for licensed products and with Evergreens as well as One-Hit Wonders MERCHCODE has something to offer for everyone. Especially music lovers and movie fans are the target group who we provide regularly with the newest designs on high-quality garments. We are constantly looking for new licenses to provide the fan bases with fresh products. Order Your Fan Merch! Click here for the MERCHCODE B2B Online Store.


BUILD YOUR BRAND has set itself the task of bringing the latest trends in the textile industry into the promotion world. Fashionable products with the usual streetwear cuts, corresponding to the current trends, are our mission. All products are designed for promotional use. In the neck area of our products we use a simple size label without branding, allowing customers to create their own brand simply by neck printing or label attachment. Click here for the BUILD YOUR BRAND Online Store.


Under the brand name YUPOONG FLEXFIT we distribute the world’s top known Headwear Label Yupoong Inc. With roots in South Korea the international brand is known worldwide and has built up over the years its undisputed reputation as one of the leading headwear companies. Yupoong stands out due to the wide assortment and the ability, to deliver the matching caps for every occasion. Click here for the FLEXFIT EUROPE B2B Online Store.


What would be a completely perfect outfit without matching accessories? This is the question we have adopted and offer beanies, caps, sun glasses and belts with the brand MasterDis. Certainly you can round your style off with the cool accessories from MasterDis. Discover all the items you need in our B2B online store to enjoy your style!


You already have the matching sneakers or boots but you don’t have the matching shoelaces to make a perfect impression? For this purpose we offer the right accessories for every taste with the brand Tubelaces. The shoelaces out of a tube are cheeky, funny and practical and can also be combined with any outfit. Check here our B2B online store.


The Hip-Hop fashion label Wu-Wear has been successful and well known for many years. Originating from New York City the label has the typical urban lifestyle. The iconic logo is timeless and can be found on many products. Click here to order these styles in our B2B online store.

Thug Life – Streetstyle. Thug Life is not only a former Hip-Hop gang, it is also a life style and fashion brand. Inspired mainly by the founding owner Tupac, who still embodies the street life of the young and older generation. The authentic logo is unmistakable and makes the items unique. With fans all over the world, the label has been attracting attention for many years. Order your favorite in our B2B online store today!

Hands of Gold is facing the needs of the gaming community and offers the possibility to express their own style. When you take a closer look on the hoodies and t-shirts you get an idea of how to combine gaming and fashion for a great look. The gaming community has been growing bigger and bigger for many years so there is now a way to serve your customers our cool styles. Order now in our B2B online store.


Today’s social media hype hitting retail stores tomorrow! Building on this fast-track philosophy, newly-launched streetwear label Turn Up is set to become the industry’s rookie of the year. Turn Up is putting the pedal to the metal to deliver the latest themes and topics from the worlds of Hip-Hop, entertainment and pop culture to the retail world in the form of popular curved caps. Also known as dad caps, these hats have long replaced the traditional snapback cap as the go-to headwear style in streetwear, delivering the latest designs through elaborate embroideries and minimal branding. Turn Up rounds out today’s ultimate streetwear look with selected embroidered apparel pieces. Sh*t gon’ be lit! Order now in our B2B online store.


Famous Stars and Straps is a clothing and accessory line created by blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. Since 1999 T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Caps and Accessories are released in multiple drops per year. Heavily influenced by the music genres Punk Rock and Hip-Hop the brand has become popular among music artists and BMX, Skate and Motocross celebrities and their fans. Order now in our B2B online store.


Rammstein are currently one of the greatest bands worldwide and the most successful international German rock artists of all time. For Rammstein it’s always been a case of marching to their own beat, gleefully torching the industry rule-book… and everything else! They sing in German and they side-step those visuals typical of the rock ‘n’ metal world. Order now in our B2B online store.

Illmatic is back – the return of a legend! Deeply rooted in Old School Hip Hop and the Graffiti-Scene the Streetwear-Label from Heidelberg, Germany has shaped the Look of this Scene with its iconic Illmatic Arrow Logo since the establishment in 1995. Over 20 years after the first success Illmatic now reaches out to continue the anchoring of the tagged Arrow in the modern urban Streetwear Look. With fashionable Tees, Crewneck Sweaters and Zip Hoodies as well as jackets, Vests and Accessories like Caps and Hip Bags Illmatic is well-positioned for the upcoming 20 years! Order now in our B2B online store.

Pink Dolphin is the unique and ingenious brand, which has its roots on the sunny coast of Los Angeles in California. Inspired by the city, good weather, the sea and a colorful community in the 70s skate scene, Pink Dolphin has since created collections in bright colors, with eye-catching prints and fancy designs that are always eye-catching. The pink dolphin can be found on almost all shirts and hoodies of the collection. The brand stands for individuality, inspired by the waves of the oceans and by hip-hop and streetstyle. The slogan – Legends At Our Craft – stands for pride, creativity and quality. It should awaken the positivity in you and strengthen you in everything you do. In short, Pink Dolphin is for those who want to stand out from the crowd and always do their best. Now you get Pink Dolphin finally in our B2B online store.

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